Self- motivation

To find things that motivate us is very important for our daily life.  Many times we expect to receive that motivation for free and in a spontaneous way from others, but many times it does not happen like that.  If we keep waiting for spontaneous motivation from others it could pass a long time and we might start to get isolated without even noticing.  That is the reason I started to identify what motivates me to move on to make my dreams come truth, to find my own spirituality, to be happy and in peace.  Every person is different, so each one has to find their own ways.  But, how I will find those things that are going to motivate me are?? Well, exploring, trying, learning, understanding ways for self-motivation and enjoying new ways to make our dreams come truth and to find happiness.

In this post I am giving you some examples of those things that motivate me, but remember you need to find your own.

  • I am always reading a new self-help book
  • I read and subscribe to blogs that inspires me.
  • Join a workshop to learn something new every time I can.
  • Use affirmations cards for an everyday inspirational message (Messages from angels, trees, fairies are my favorites)
  • Listen to music for relaxation, meditation and inner peace.
  • I take a bath with aromatic soaps, oils (I scrub my body with a mix of sugar, oil, honey and oatmeal) when I feel I am not shining.
  • I walk in the park and enjoy the trees, the flowers, the singing of the birds and the caress of the wind.
  • Especially during the morning I enjoy the heat of the sun.  I talk to it and tell it words of love like that he is my faithful lover( this I learned from a friend of mine that design a poem for me to heal from an impossible love, hahaha…)
  • I love to get together with people that practice different ways of spirituality and like to give each other encouragement and motivation.  When I cannot see them I send them a message and they reply to me with another message that cheer me up or give me a good advice.
  • I observe and enjoy the children laughing , holding the door for and older person coming out of the train, smile to somebody that look sad and give hugs to all of those people that want to be hugged by me.

The list can continue and is long, but this is only an example for you.  I invite you to start making your own list.  

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Daliaflor  “Spirit of the Forest”

Transforming your experiences into strength and wisdom.


The Mammogram and the path I decided to follow


Due to my age (more than 50 beautiful and young) my doctor recommended a series of physical exams for the detection on time of different illnesses.  I am a little resistant to follow all those physical exams due to age in part because of all the problematic with health insurances in this country.  However, I got to read an article from my friend Tanya Torres in which she was letting us know of the struggles for people that does not have health insurance in this country.  I felt that I should take advantage of my privilege of having health insurance so I proceeded to make the appointments and followed the recommendations from my doctor.

 I started with all those exams with names difficult for me to pronounce, like colonoscopy, endoscopy and a mammogram.  Even with the advance of the technology, all of them still have some level of uncomfortable procedure that I had to accept.  After the mammogram my doctor’s secretary called to encourage me to attend to the appointment for the results of the mammogram.  I started to have some concerns and preoccupation about that call because she usually calls to remind the patients their appointments the day before the appointment no a week before the appointment.  I knew something was not right, but I decided to wait and maintain the calm.

When I went to see the doctor, he confirmed my preoccupation and told me that the exam detected a lump in my right breast and that there was the need to do a biopsy to find out if it was malign or benign.  Those terms “malign or benign” were kind of uncomfortable for me and I did not want to even learn to pronounce them and took both of them out from my vocabulary for a while.  My doctor was surprised of my strength and told me that it is difficult for him to give this kind of results to women because they usually expect a crisis after.  I made the decision not to call the tragedy to my side and started to tell people that were in need to know about the results in a calm way.  Many of them were preoccupied and I noticed, but I tried not to pay attention to their reactions and help them to move into the place of hope and peace. I also decided not to tell my children because I did not want to alarm them, but a day before after the biopsy I analyzed the decision I made, and concluded that many mothers try to avoid suffering from our children and is alright, but many times we are taking away the opportunity for them to grow.  Then I decided to tell them to give them the opportunity to confront a difficult situation and learn, and at the same time to get the support I deserve and needed from them.

I also called and send messages to three important people in my life.  I wanted them to send me positive energy and prayers. First I went to visit my godfather, a Santero full of love wisdom and peace. He did all the rituals and blessings of the tradition and told me that I was fine and there was nothing wrong with my breast and that everything was going to be alright for me.  Then I decided to call my friend, Reverend Barbara Dominic who work with angels and my two teachers and mentors for the shamanic healing, the shamans Irma Caceres and Manuel Peralta.   I want them to pray, sing, play the drums and chant for the celestial angels and other earth spirits for my emotional strength and my physical healing.   Barbara response was to call Saint Rafael for healing and Irma said to let go anything that I was holding in my chest that might be harming me in some way.  She meant sad feelings, or sad memories from the past.  I followed the advices immediately.  After that many nights with poor sleeping and negative thoughts started to come to me.  I started asking myself questions like; what is going to happen if I am sick? How my family is going to react to it?  I was going to be able to work? Is there was another tragedy in my life?  But I reject all of those thoughts immediately when they came, not giving them space in my mind. I concentrate in my strengths and kept myself thinking that I was ready for anything and in the same way I dealed in the past in difficult situations I was going to have the strength to deal now if that was the case.  Many times I have to give strength to those that were concerned about my health.

The day of the Biopsy, my daughter and my brother in law went with me to the clinic.  While my daughter and I were waiting we started to make jokes and to talk about different things until the nurse came to the waiting room and called me.  My daughter seemed calm and I left with the nurse that told me that I smelled good and if I use deodorant or perfume before coming to the clinic because I will have to remove it.  I answered her that I did not use any deodorant or perfume, but I was surprised because I also smell a pleasant aroma when I entered the room.  She proceeded to help me to prepare for the biopsy explaining all the details I needed to know. Then she told me to wait for the doctor.

 While I was waiting for the doctor to come to start the biopsy I decided to follow Barbara’s advice.  I closed my eyes, breath in an out and mentally asked St. Raphael to come by my side.  After a moment I started to have a vision of two big wings taking space in the room and the presence of a powerful and lovely being was standing to my left side of the bed. The vision was so real that I was able to perceive the softness of the wings and appreciate the white bone color of the feathers.  After that, I was feeling the presence of other angels that were trying to fit in the room to be present for me.  I heard a noise like when birds are flying around together and chirping.  It was like they were saying” Hey, make some room I want to be here with her too! Then I started to see an angel dressed in red that was taking space near me to my right, and recognized him as my angel St. Michael.  His presence was full of strength and he seemed proud of being there.  It seemed to me that he was saying “I need to be here she is one of my fervent followers!  The environment was calmed, and one of the sudden I was seeing in the vision a beautiful throne and sitting down on the throne there was a woman. She was the Virgin Mary dressed in blue and white like I used to know her during my childhood. Then, she started to transform herself into the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Virgin of the Providencia,from Puerto Rico, the Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre from Cuba , Yemaya, Oshun, the African goddesses, the Black Madonna, the virgin of  Czestochowa, which I met through my godfather, Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess, and at the end in one beautiful goddess full of beauty and light. While I was enjoying her beauty the doctor entered the room and she thought I was sleeping.

The doctor started the procedure and after feeling the pain the needles were causing me I tried to find some way to relax myself.  While she was getting examples of my breast tissue, she also was asking me if I was fine.  I said, “Yes, I am fine”, the first time she asked me.  Then I said “Yes” again the second time, but this time my voice tone was not mine. I heard a strong voice and I was concerned that the doctor was thinking that I was mad with her.  Now I think it was the voice of St. Rafael telling her I was alright.  When everything was done the nurse helped me to dress and told me all the instructions to follow after the biopsy.  I told her about the presence of the angels and she was happy that I was positive and promised me to give me the results of the biopsy herself. When I went out to find my daughter in the waiting room she told me she was praying and her body was shaking, but she did not knew why she was shaking.  When I told her my experience with the angels she laughed because she understood then, why her body was shaking, she was feeling the presence of the angels too.  After the biopsy more negatives thoughts came to my mind, but I rejected them immediately, thinking that the same way I overcame other difficult times in my life trhe same way I was going to be able to accepted and cope with this one too.  I also knew that there was a lot of people supporting me and that make me feel good.

The results were negative for any illness, now I am following the doctor’s instructions. This experience helped me to grow spiritually in many ways.  Maybe your question will be, What about if the results were positive for an illness?  I would do the same thing I did; I will keep myself focus in my spirituality and love to myself.   My experience maybe is different than yours.  I am not a religious person even thought I was in my past.  Now,I am a spiritual person and with this story of my life I want to give something to think about and to use it if is helpful to you.

My message to you is:

  • If you have the resources or health insurance to do the mammogram or any other important test to maintain your health stability, do it!
  • Put some positive flavor to negative situations.  Always look to the bright side and look for people that will help you to find that light.
  • Use your spirituality to find the power you need to make positive decisions.
  • Like I said in Creadores de Sueños (Creating your Dreams) “Transform your Experiences into Strength and Wisdom”.

With a lot of healing love from St. Raphael, for me and you,

Daliaflor “Spirit of the Forest”

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  • “Without love in the heart, Life is like a sapless tree in a barren desert. What good is a body perfect in outer ways, If inwardly it is impaired by lack of love? With love enshrined in the heart, one lives. Without it, the body is but bone encased in skin.”
                                            – from the Bhagavad Gita
  • “Who looks inside dreams, who looks inside awakes”  Carl Jung
  • It is a terrible thing, to see and have no vision” Hellen Keller


  • ” Tiny is the flower, yet it scents the grasses around it”  is a proverb from Hawaiian tradition.

The message in this proverb remind me in some way something that I used to say everytime somebody told me ” You are really short” It was a way to accept I was short but at the same time feel proud about it.

In this case the proverb I read from the book Huna Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living, written by Dr.Serge Kahili King, is telling me that  small things can have a lot of  significance.  It remind me that all of us have something  to share with other people and does not matter how insignificant what we want to share might be, if what we share is good and we give it to others with love people will accept it and also share it with others. In other words it will be like the essence of small flower that scents the grasses around it.

That was the reason I decided to use this proverb to start sharing my blog “Creadores de Sueños“(Creating your Dream).  I want to share this small perfume from me to you and encourage you to share it with others.  Creadores de Sueños (Creating your Dream) a new beginning to a new life full of peace, harmony and love.

with Love,

Daliaflor “Espirit of the Forest”

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